Ring Pull Coconut

“A new product to meet high classify market”.

Due to the Corona crisis, health awareness among consumers seems to be increasing, which is why vegetables and fruits are coming to the fore even more. And coconut is one of the choices because it contains many nutrients, beneficial to health, is not only a good source of mineral salts but also supports immune activities in the body. But for some people and some restaurants or hotels, they afraid to know how to open a coconut’s shell to enjoy. That is the reason why our company decided to create a new product that meets this market requirement. We called it “Ring pull coconut”.

Fresh young coconut with ring pull is made from coconut origin Ben Tre with a sweet taste, very natural. Ben Tre coconut after picking down is cleaned and processed by laser with lid attached to the shell when drinking just to open the lid like cans of soft drinks. Ben Tre coconut shell products are very suitable for those who like to drink fresh coconut but afraid to know how to cut coconut.